Assessing Basic Income Feasibility: Political Parties’ Positions on the French-speaking Belgian Scene. (Forthcoming)

Floriane Geels

This study intends to investigate the positions of five French-speaking Belgian parties (PTB, PS, Ecolo, Les Engagés & MR) on basic income.

New directions in research on public support for a UBI. (Forthcoming)

Marie-Laure Mulayi, Tijs Laenen, Wim Van Lancker and Bart Meuleman

In this chapter, we take a comprehensive approach by providing a brief overview of the state of knowledge on public support for a UBI. We also address the interactions between individual, contextual and policy design features about which little is known so far.

The popularity of Basic income. Evidence from the Polls. (Forthcoming)

Tijs Laenen

In light of the vastly increased political salience of basic income in recent years, this book provides a state-of-the-art overview of the popularity of basic income among the general public.

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