New directions in research on public support for a Universal Basic Income. (Forthcoming)

In this chapter, we focus on public opinion on UBI, which plays a crucial role in its political feasibility. Previous research has shown that public support is volatile and contingent on the definition of UBI. Two key determinants were also identified: individual and contextual factors. However, we note that much is still unknown about the interactions between these determinants and the characteristics of a UBI. In this chapter, we take a comprehensive approach by providing a brief overview of the state of knowledge on public support for a UBI. We also address the interactions between individual, contextual and policy design features about which little is known so far. We then present the results of a novel survey experiment on the effect of interactions between policy design characteristics on support for a UBI in Belgium. Finally, this chapter provides an agenda for future research on public support for a UBI.

Citation: Mulayi, M.L., Laenen, T., Van Lancker, W. & Meuleman B. (forthcoming). In: F. Roosma and T. Laenen (Eds.), A Research Agenda for Public Attitudes to Welfare. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, US: Edward Elgar Publishing.

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